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post news icon New Antenna Product Catalog Released !!   October 4th, 2016

Applied EM developed various innovative antenna technologies over past decade and is pleased to announce the release of [Read More]

post news icon Dr. John McVay is promoted as Chief Technical Officer   April 18th, 2014

Applied EM is pleased to announce promotion of Dr. John McVay to the position of Chief Technical Officer [Read More]

post news icon Applied EM participated in 2013 Navy Opportunity Forum   June 25th, 2013

Applied EM participated in 2013 Navy Opportunity Forum held in Crystal City, Virginia during June 3-5, 2013. Dr. [Read More]

Applied EM is a pioneer in innovative compact antenna designs for commercial and defense applications. In collaboration with universities and industry partners, Applied EM specializes in developing small form factor antennas that reliably perform in relatively low VHF/UHF frequencies. Applied EM's product line includes state of the art compact broadband antennas that cover 100MHz to 18GHz, compact direction finding antennas for VHF/UHF bands and compact GPS/Anti-Jam GPS antennas. Applied EM also developed novel "paint-on" antenna technology for conformal applications. Custom designs are available for OEM production. Applied EM also develops innovative electromagnetic simulation tools using asymptotic computational techniques.