Dr. John McVay is promoted as Chief Technical Officer April 18th, 2014

Applied EM is pleased to announce promotion of Dr. John McVay to the position of Chief Technical Officer effective April 1, 2014.

Dr. John McVay received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University in 2001 with a minor in Computer Engineering. In 2001, Dr. McVay began his Master’s degree at Villanova while conducting research as a Research Assistant in the area of metamaterials and electrically small antennas. In March 2003, his paper entitled “Applications of Hilbert Artificial Magnetic Conductor Ground Planes to Performance Enhancement of Electrically Small Antennas,” won 1st place in the student paper competition at the 2003 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium. In 2003, Dr. McVay completed his Master’s Thesis entitled “Hilbert High Impedance Metamaterial Surfaces and their Antenna Applications.” Dr.McVay began his PhD at Villanova in 2003 and he was the 1st recipient of the Center for Advanced Communication Student of the Year Award in 2006. While conducting research as a PhD student and Research Assistant, John was elevated to the position of Research Associate. In May 2007, Dr. McVay successfully defended his PhD Thesis entitled “Space-filling Curve Artificial Magnetic Conductors, Metamaterials, and Miniaturized Antennas.”
Dr. McVay has over 40 publications in the areas of metamaterials, electrically small antennas, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Through-the-Wall Microwave Imaging (TTWI). Dr. McVayis a member of the IEEE and Sigma Xi.