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Ultra Wide Band Antennas

Ultra Wide Band Antennas The operational bandwidth of advanced tactical RF systems requires the use of several antennas to cover multiple bands. In an effort to reduce real estate on various ground and air platforms for future additions, and cut down on interference between these antennas, innovative solutions that enhance RF efficiency and performance of small broadband antennas are of interest. Conformal/low-profile wideband antennas that do not compromise performance is a major challenge. Indeed, by and large, available miniature and conformal antennas are limited to very narrow band antennas (mostly in the commercial mobile bands at 800MHz and above). Over the past decade, Applied EM developed and commercialized compact broadband spiral antennas as well as Inverted Hat Antennas (patent pending) to cover VHF and UHF bands. These antennas have very small foot print and are ideal for installation on ground and air vehicles where real estate is limited. Applied EM? broadband antenna technology provides the best performance for the given antenna size and have been successfully tested by various defense agencies. One of the key features of Applied EM's broadband antennas is low-profile design that minimizes the aerodynamic drag for air-borne applications as well as visual signature for ground based applications.
Broadband Direction Finding

Broadband Direction Finding Use of compact Direction Finding (DF) antenna permits deployment of DF systems on platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles, submarines etc, where real estate is limited. Applied EM developed compact broadband direction finding antenna for submarine applications. Key to Applied EM's compact DF antenna is their broadband miniature antenna technology. The compact design (17" diameter and 13" eight) provides for broad, frequency operation (VHF/UHF up to 2GHz).
Anti-Jam GPS Antenna Arrays

Anti-Jam GPS Antenna Arrays Jamming is a serious problem for current GPS systems. Traditionally larger element arrays of 14" diameter provided sufficient anti-jamming, but this is not suitable for platforms limited real estate. Antennas of 7" diameter have been used but performance has been sacrificed and size or anti-jamming needs are not met. Applied EM developed a miniature anti-jamming GPS antenna system with a 5.5" diameter form factor that can cover L1, L2 and L5 bands. Applied EM's compact anti-jam GPS array has been tested successfully for its anti-jamming capability over L1, L2 and L5 bands.
Conformal Paint On Antennas

Conformal Paint On Antennas Applied EM is conducting research on "paint-on" antennas that are conformal to the platform structure. The paint-on antenna technology can be applied to manned and unmanned systems. Applied EM in partnership with Unitech and others has been making great strides in advancing this technology.
Computational Electromagnetics

Computational Electromagnetics Applied EM has developed a number of EM computational tools, including rcsASET for prediction of radar cross section of electrically large structures. Currently, Applied EM is developing a new generation uniform geometrical theory of diffraction (UTD) based ray code, uCAST for predicting near and far field radiation patterns and coupling effects that are associated with antennas on electrically large complex platforms.